Slick Wylde Plays

Hey everyone, I'm Slick, aka Nathan. I created a character for some stories, and named him Slick Wylde, many years ago. I use that name as my pen name for pretty much everything now.

This site is where I will be uploading my videos, as well as exclusive content for Slick Wylde Plays.

Most of my videos will be focused on Nintendo games, because that's what I tend to spend most of my time on.

I've always been a Nintendo fan, and my favorites are the 2D sidescrolling Mario games.

If I had to choose a favorite game, I think it'd have to be Super Smash Bros Brawl. The quality wasn't as good as Melee unfortunately, but it has the best memories for me.

My least favorite video game series are the Dark Souls series. I know people love those, but they come off as difficult without any reward.